The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Small Taste of Series 2

I really didn't have much of a desire to buy packs of Series 2, but from a Pirates perspective I really liked the checklist. I'm really hoping to find a clear acetate parallel of Pirate backup catcher Chris Stewart at some point.

My one and only auction success for Series 2 was won last week.
 Jared Hughes Topps Series 2 Clear Acetate

Something always satisfying when middle relievers get cardboard love. They are some of my favorite cards to chase.  The price tag on this card was ~$11 if I remember correctly. A little on the high side, but the acetates tend to carry a premium around release time. 

Hughes has been a mainstay in the Pirates pen during the "good" years, but is really struggling this year. I'm guessing he'll probably have until the trade deadline to get things worked out or they may have to let him walk.  He is known as a groundball specialist and when things were going right would be placed in games when a double play was needed.  This year he has had trouble getting the sinker down and hitters have been teeing off.  

With all that being said that doesn't make me any less happy to own this card. Here's to maybe finding a few more of the lesser know Pirates in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for reading. Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July celebrations. 


  1. The acetate cards are fantastic. I'd pay the premium for one of those in a heart beat.

    1. They are hard to find great deals, but for some of the obscure players under $10 is a possibility.

  2. Love the acetate cards. I still have not picked one up this year, but have been a big fan ever since they first started. Best parallel Topps has going in my opinion.

    1. I love the acetate and silver frames. Both are very unique.

  3. Hey...I have some base set series 2 Pirates if you want them?

    384, Michael Morse
    428, Gregory Polanco
    586, Chris Stewart
    587, Neftali Feliz
    665, Jared Hughes

    I also have some inserts, too, if you have any gaps?