The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rare Rubies

I have had a good run lately finding some harder to get Buccos. Of cards that I actively search for none are more harder to find than late 90's early 00's parallels. Thankfully the Buccos didn't have any big names at this time so this keeps the prices under control.

A few months back I posted a 1999 Star Rubies Jason Schmidt /50.  I loved the card and knew other Buccos existed in the set, but hadn't seen any hit eBay since I posted back in March.  Well, a few weeks back the Jose Guillen was put up for auction.

1999 Fleer Skybox Star Rubies Jose Guillen /50

The total was just a shade below $10 which was similar to what I paid for the Schmidt.  Originally I thought I had overpaid, but after reviewing completed auctions that is within the range for common players such as Guillen. Maybe I could have found it for a few bucks cheaper down the road, but securing card now outweighed the desire to save a few bucks.  Plus with these type of cards it is never a guarantee that they will pop up again.

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