The Legend

The Legend

Friday, July 15, 2016

DC Bound and Cards From a Nats Collector!

My wife and I have a close friend who recently just started working for the Nationals. Knowing that I'm a huge Pirate fan he secured tickets for tonight and tomorrow. I've been to the stadium before, but never to see the Buccos in action.  The Saturday game will be even more fun as it is WVU day at the park. One of the biggest alumni areas for WVU is the DC metro area as it is only about 3 hours from Morgantown. Also, Gerrit Cole is getting reinstated from the DL to start Saturday.  It should be a fun weekend!!!!

Speaking of the Nats, Brett from Cooperstown Exit 316 recently sent me some cards. Brett is the Nats representative in the Supertraders group. If you have some Nats cards around shoot him a message and workout a trade!

This is a cool Rockies inaugural season Wakefield card. Tim doesn't have a ton of Pirate issues, but what he does have are among my favorite in my collection.
 Polanco was a legitimate snub for the All Star game. Nothing you can really get mad about as their are always a handful of guys left at home. The inclusion of guys like Odubel Herrera and the Reds outfielders hurt Polanco's chances.

The IP autos are the big highlight of this trade package. Rick Reuschel is probably my favorite of the bunch, but Zane Smith would be a close second.  I remember he was an honorable mention on a list I saw of the ugliest baseball players of all time. I'm sure he was honored.

Thanks a bunch for the cards Brett.

Thanks for reading!