The Legend

The Legend

Friday, July 29, 2016


When Jim decided to close up shop on GCRL I was admittedly a little bummed.  He and I were in a groove trading all kinds of good stuff.  Thankfully Jim went to work on his frankendodger project and stayed active between the two projects. Our gaps in trading are mainly caused by me having to always replenish my Dodger supply. 

Not everyday you get a Bowman Bowman card.  One of my favorite things to do when I receive cards of older, more obscure Pirates is look for stories of the players background.  Bowman was an accomplished jazz musician that played 4 instruments.  Now go impress your friends and that little piece of trivia.  

Jumpin Jack Flash was a fun shortstop to watch.  Upper Deck had some underrated photos.

This Cole is from Archives and /50.
Another great double play shot. Looks like Warren Morris is going no look with the throw.

As usual a great photo from Stadium Club.  This card also sums up the plight of the Pirates during the Giles era as no one ever came to watch this team play.
Who needs a glove!

I loved the Heroes of Baseball cards.

Nice job by me with the upside down scan.  While Maz has about a billion cards featuring his dramatic homerun in the World Series, they never get old. Suck it Yankees.
Shiny Buccos.  Man, the Pirates really are paying the price for the Neil Walker deal.  Jon Niese has been a mess.
I think it would be cool to have a modern spin of the mascot/player card.  The Field of Dreams Denny Neagle card is a classic.
The Cutch Heritage is my favorite of this bunch.

Oh Yeah!!!! The perfect card.

Thanks for the cards Jim. I'm working on finding more Dodgers for you.


  1. Always fun trading pirates for dodgers. I got a kick out of the bowman bowman, too.