The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

So Much Great Stuff

My collecting doppelganger Dennis from Too Many Verlanders is one of the more generous traders out there.  If you actively trade with him he will go the extra mile to build a trade package tailored to your collection. I've received so much from him that I could probably have a tab on the blog featuring all of them 

Dennis has a real knack of bolstering my WVU collection. He told me he feels a little more comfortable  buying Mountaineers than Buccos because I'm constantly updating my Pirate collection.  That makes sense as I do the same thing with Dennis, but instead I'm more comfortable purchasing Tigers than Michigan alums. 

Well, all I can say is  stay hydrated because it is a long scroll to get to the bottom of all these great cards.

If it wasn't for a guy named Jerry West, Huff would probably be top of the mountain of decorated WVU athletes. 

Leaf Limited was a great set if you could get past the 9567 parallels. 

Howley is a tough guy to accumulate cards of.  Being that he is a former Cowboy means you have to pay top dollar. I think this marks only my second relic of the former Mountaineer.

Slaton only played a few years in the league, but he has a crazy number of cards to chase. I'm not joking that including parallels some sets would have 20+ cards of the former Mountaineer.  He and Pat White are the best represented in my collection and to this day I will still see something I didn't know existed once a month.

To add to the card production issue with Slaton is year he was drafted was very running back heavy. Guys like Matt Forte, Jamal Charles and Chris Johnson all were high picks.  This created multi player relics and autos out the wazoo.  They are fun to chase, but impossible to keep track of because of the parallels.
The recovery Stedman Bailey has made after being shot in the head is remarkable.  He is said to be back in game shape, but it is likely that doctors will never clear him to play again. Word is he is going to help the Mountaineers this season.

This is a nice two piece jersey.

Double your pleasure with two DK Cole relics.

I'm sure Dennis would agree with me that cards featuring cool shots of the college uniforms are the best!
Both Playoff Portraits and the DK sets of the mid 2000's were canvas based. Both hold a special place in my heart because the checklist included a good bit of Buccos. This was very rate at the time since the Buccos were historically bad.

Dennis knows my love for Pacific parallels.
This is actually one of the nicest cards of the whole lot, but I couldn't get a good scan.  This is a Ralph Kiner printing plate!!!!!
Bay in the front Freddy Sanchez in the shadows.
Throwback Threads is one of the first sets that made patch cards accessible. I remember opening a hot box that included one in every pack.  Of course that made me love everything about it.
Giles better years were with the Pirates, but he probably has just as many Padres cards. It is getting harder and harder for me to find cards I don't have.  Getting parallels like this in trade puts me in my happy place!
Flair = Fancy
One of the bigger teases during the bad years. Kip Wells would dominate and the next start give up 10 runs. He just couldn't put it together.
I like this card. The Donruss inserts are pretty fun.

Great shot of Tony Plush making a catch. As the card says it was A-Mays-ing.
Just a Stargell relic....!!!!!!
An even lower numbered one than the one above!

Owen Schmitt owns a big bar/concert hall in town.  He seems to be a pretty cool dude.
This might be your face after looking at so many cards, but we are not done.

Cutch needs to play better so the Buccos can keep the playoff streak alive.

While all the above cards were amazing, the next handful really knocked my socks off.  A little background first. Several months back Dennis created a spreadsheet for me that identified many key rookie cards for WVU alum.  It was a really nice gesture.  Now Dennis is getting the vintage portion of the collection a nice start.  Check these out.

Pretty cool, right!

While these Donruss cards may look random they are in fact set needs.  I'm pretty much retired from set collecting as it was just to much money away from Buccos and Mountaineers.
Some recent WVU guys!
Diecuts always remind of 90's inserts.  I love them.

You made it to the end! I told you it was a lot of great cards. 

Thanks so much for all the great cards Dennis.  You really hooked me up big time.  I'll have to think of something special to hit you back.

Thanks for reading!


  1. When the hell was Piazza a Pirate! (that Pacific card)

    1. My immediate thought was "hey look it's Mike Piazza!"


    2. Maybe Chad Hermanson can play him in a movie.

  2. You may as well have left the scanner empty instead of scanning that Kiner plate--I didn't realize it was practically blank! Glad you liked your stuff, though. College+MLB team collectors are the best!

  3. Dennis covered all of the bases with this package. That Stargell relic is my personal favorite. Great stuff.

    1. I liked that one as well. The vintage WVU guys were my favorite.

  4. Stargell Relic is awesome, Mario Alford auto is super nice

    1. I hope Alford can stick with a team. He has a really unique skillset.