The Legend

The Legend

Monday, July 25, 2016

Night Owl

I've had one of those days where things don't quite workout the way you planned. Today I had about 4 and half hours of car time with a couple coworkers to take care of a few last minutes items at the location of our work retreat next week. Turns out these items were already taken care of for the most part and the trip didn't serve much of a purpose. It was nice to be out of the office, but all of the work that was in the office today will unfortunately be there tomorrow.

When I got back from my trip my wife and daughter were going to join me at a Black Bears game. Sure enough it got rained out after we had waited there for about an hour. It was one of those days where your time was occupied but you accomplished little.

To make sure I ended the day on a good note I started looking through some recent trade packages. Greg of Night Owl fame may get the award for quickest return fire on a trade I've ever seen. I sent him a card early last week and three days later I had a return package.  That is cardboard dedication!

 Some cards just have a habit of bringing back memories.  This is the Opee Chee version, but anytime I see 90 Topps it reminds me of long car rides with my parents. This was in the day you could stop for gas and actually go inside to pick up cards. I must have traveled a lot during this time.

 I remember eating a lot of cereal during this time to get cards.  Oddballs rule!
 I forgot how thick these Heritage parallels were. This Cole is numbered to /999 and is a beauty.
 I think these late 90's sets are either loved or just confuse the hell out of collectors. These were right in my wheelhouse! The card designers at Skybox were obviously on acid.

 You may think the Snider card is out of place, but this was a big set need for me.  I'm pretty close to putting to bed Stadium Club.

Take some time and try to find something wrong with this Teke card..................trick question, nothing is ever wrong with a Teke card.

 I think I only have a couple of these Diamond Anniversary cards. I love the way the Correia cards looks. Just wished I loved the way he pitched during his tenure as a Pirate.

Jameson Taillon has been strong for the Pirates since his call up. You don't have to worry about licensing as much with catchers!

Thanks for all the great cards Greg. Looking through some cardboard can really save a day from being a total stinker.

Thanks for reading!