The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, March 1, 2014

In the Name

Good ol' Bob Walk!  This is a 1/1 from the Leaf Memories set.  I picked this up on Ebay right before Christmas for 10 bucks.  Always fun to find random gems such as these for a reasonable price.

Anybody open up any of the "new" Donruss set?  I've heard a lot of people claiming Panini did a terrible job of separating the cards.  People who opened up multiple boxes were getting the same relic or auto several different times.  Looked like a fun set and the price is not outrageous, but early reviews seem so so.

My friends and I are opening a few boxes this week so I should have some new trade bait to post this week!


  1. I saw one of these when I was busting some grab bags and immediately though of you. Congratulations on picking up the 1/1.

    1. Thanks Fuji. Some of my favorite cards to hunt for are guys like Walk who don't have many high end releases.

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    1. Thanks Greg! I believe walk is from Los Angeles