The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maz Round 2 and the Gypsy Queen

When I was sorting through some of my retired Pirate autos one common theme kept occurring.  Most of them fell between 2003-2008.  I think the Pirates were so bad during that time period I sub conscientiously purchased a ton of Maz, Kiner and Dave Parker autos.  With no premium priced active players during that time frame I had expendable income to chase cards like this one.  

This Maz and Carew dual auto relic is from 2004 Ultimate Collection.  I've seen lots of fun combos in the Ultimate Collection sets.  Combos with Mazeroski included Sandberg, Joe Morgan and Bobby Doerr.  I have a few of these and will showcase at some point.  

Some of my friends are coming to the house tomorrow to bust a few boxes.  This has turned into a fun monthly treat.  Tomorrow we are each busting a box of Gypsy Queen.  I'll post some of the highlights tomorrow or Saturday depending on what time we get done.  Leave a comment if you are looking for any cards from the set.  

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  1. I've always liked Gypsy Queen. Hope you pull some nice Pirates cards for your collection.