The Legend

The Legend

Friday, March 14, 2014

Museum Quality

I'm a pretty big fan of Neil Walker.  I've touched on this in a past post.  I own several versions of this card but this one has the nicest patch.  Museum Collection is the perfect set to cherry pick your cards as it is pretty rough on the budget.  I watched a few case breaks and I saw some people get really burned.  I'm always too nervous to spend that kind of money on a box.

Anybody going to open some Heritage.  I don't open new releases as a rule but Heritage is one that always tempts me year after year.  Decent amount of Pirate hits this year too.

Hope everybody has a good weekend.  If anybody feels like trading shoot me a message.  I just came into a bunch of auto and memorabilia cards that is all trade bait.  Shoot me a message and I'll see if I have your team/player.


  1. Great card! I am waiting for my box to arrive. Many Yadi Molinas have hit the Bay and it is feeding frenzy.