The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trade: The Chronicles of Fuji

Fuji and I have been exchanging cards left and right.  I've been able to put a good dent into some of his PC's while he has been loading me up on Pirates.  Recently I had posted an Elroy Face 1/1  in which Fuji commented that he had an auto to send me.  A little over a week later I got this in the mail....

I love the card Fuji!  Makes a nice addition to the collection.  I'm a sucker for the vintage player autos. Fuji also added a few more cards....

Ross Ohlendorf is an interesting guy.  He is an ivy league grad (Princeton) who did his senior thesis on the return on investment for the major league draft.  As a Pirate during the offseason he interned for the Department of Agriculture.  Smart guy.

Thanks for the trade Fuji!  Always enjoy our random deals.  Lets keep it going!


  1. I really liked the Face autograph... but it looks so much better in your collection. I found a few more Pirates for your collection yesterday. Hopefully I'll find a few more next weekend at the flea market.

    1. I really appreciate you sending it my way. Let me know if you find some Pirate stuff because I have ton of stuff that I think you will like. Seems like every old jersey card I have matches one of your PC's.