The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Inception

2014 Bowman Inception Gregory Polanco Patch Auto /15

Quick post today as the combination of long distance work issues and training was enough for me to find the bar this evening. I have quite a few Polanco's from this years Inception. As you can see this has a sweet patch with a star on it. This most likely is from the Futures Game. I really hope Polanco turns out to be a good player as I've taken the plunge on adding his autos this year. 


  1. Nice card and patch. It looks so nice that I can hear the deafening horn noises.

  2. Hate sticker autos but that is a nice pick up. The star makes up for it.

    1. Polanco doesn't have much on card. The patch was definitely the selling point.