The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Trade: The Card Papoy (Everyone Should Follow Him)

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. My wife and I spent ours shuffling my daughter to our families houses. I think she received about two car loads full of presents. I also received lots of cards and memorabilia that I'll showoff down the road!

Now to more important blog business....

Kevin from The Card Papoy and I have developed a nice trade relationship. I really admire his dedication to the hobby as he has many obstacles that most of us take for granted. As most of you know Kevin lives in France so he has deal with high shipping costs and long delays on a regular basis. I admire his patience and love of the hobby. If you want an interesting perspective of someone trying to collect cards in France you should follow his blog.  You won't be disappointed.

Right before Christmas I received a bubble envelope from Kevin full of great Pirate cards.
I never got around to opening any Gypsy Queen this year. I'm hoping that the price falls when it gets close to time for the 2015 version to hit stores so I can bust a few boxes. This is a really nice Starling Marte jersey. Marte is one of my favorites so I have a nice PC of the Bucs left fielder. I'm hoping he takes it to the next level as his potential is through the roof.

Rumor is the Pirates are going to try and extend Neil Walker. What a nice looking on card auto. 

A lot of people were upset when the Pirates traded Mclouth to the Braves, but the trade couldn't have worked better for the Pirates. Mclouth was at his peak value and the Pirates got Charlie Morton and Jeff Locke in the deal. The trade also opened the door for some guy named McCutchen. This is a great rookie auto of the former Bucco.
Bixler was supposed to be the Pirates shortstop of the future, but his bat never developed. I'm almost embarrassed to say how many Bixler autos I have. This was the time period when the Pirates were awful and the fans attached themselves to every prospect thinking he'll be the one to lead us to respectability.

I love Donruss Signature!

 An awesome Cutch numbered to /999
 Kevin really hit all the guys I love. This is the refractor Cole numbered /199.

A random sampling of some cool Flair and Electric Diamond Buccos.

Thanks so much for the cards Kevin. Now it is my turn! I've got some work to do finding a few more Blue Jays, but I'm got some good ideas.

Remember to follow The Card Papoy!


  1. Kevin's a great guy. I really am overdue in sending a package his way.

    1. Glad I crossed paths with him. I have a feeling he and I will be trading for a long time.

  2. My pleasure ! I never thought that part of collecting would imply shopping around for other people, but I'm really enjoying this. My next stack for you is actually ready, so watch out !
    @Nick : don't worry about it, I'm not going anywhere !

    1. I tend to do most of my shopping from sellers that have good combined shipping rates. Just the other day I found a card for you after purchasing an item from a seller on eBay and noticing he had a few Blue Jays!