The Legend

The Legend

Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Donruss Set Needs

I had all intentions of doing a trade post tonight, but my daughter decided that she doesn't want to sleep tonight so I never got time to hit the scanner. So my audible is to ask for some help with a set I'm trying to build. 2014 Donruss is a little bit of a pain in the butt. Cards 1-45 were the Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies and all were short printed. I've done a pretty good job of accumulating over the months and have just a few remaining.

Figured I would ask for a little help before I hit Sportlots to knock out the set.  Here is what I need.

Diamond Kings
#2 Mike Trout
#3 Derek Jeter     Figures I would be missing Trout and Jeter...
#8 Eric Hosmer
#17 Evan Longoria
#21 Joe Mauer
#27 Josh Donaldson
#28 Felix Hernandez
#29 Troy Tulowitzki
#30 Chase Headley

Rated Rookies
#36 Travis d'Arnaud

Also if you are sitting on any of the inserts let me know. My intentions are to knock out the set first and put my focus on the inserts and autos later. I'm have all my inserts together, but haven't taken the time to make a list yet.

I'm always sitting on a bunch of trade bait so I'll be happy to hook anybody up that can save me some $ on Sportlots.


  1. I can help with d'Arnaud and King Felix.

    1. Awesome. I'll find some more catchers or Red Sox to send your way.