The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Morgantown Tradition

The first WVU football game is always a fun time of year.  Since we live so close to the stadium our house becomes the meeting place/tailgate area for many of our out of town friends. Day full of beer, unhealthy food and sports is a good day! 

I shared this picture on Twitter yesterday.  It is a small miracle that I got a picture where other people have actually said "hey that looks cool." As you can see it was an absolute perfect day in Morgantown.
This was a good IPA that my buddy Keith brought back from his homeland of New Jersey. Kane is a pretty hyped brewery in which you can only buy their beer on site.

 Breakfast Stout might be my overall favorite beer.  I finally got to try out my new mug!

 The label is pretty nondescript, but this one of the more complex beers I've ever had.  It is made by Lickinghole Creek brewery in Virginia.  It is a rum barrel aged quad called Coconut Delight.  Coming in at 12% you will want to share this bad boy, but holy smokes was it good.  My wife even liked it.

2015 Panini Immaculate Charles Sims Auto Jersey /99

I don't really have any set rules with my WVU collection, but when possible my preference is to get items featuring the WVU uniform. This was a nice addition and only cost around $5. Charles Sims had a really nice year backing up Doug Martin last year and has been kind of a sleeper pick in fantasy drafts this year.  

Hope everyone enjoyed the games yesterday.  I hope my Buccos can turn it around soon as they seem to fading down the stretch. 

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  1. no brew for nearly three weeks. I envy you. Enjoyed 1/2 the games as Michigan thumped Hawaii and my Missouri got thumped by your WV

    1. That was a hostile environment for Missouri. I thought they did a good job holding our offense.

  2. Those are some awesome traditions! I also like traditions