The Legend

The Legend

Monday, September 26, 2016

Swing and a Pop-up and a Slapshot

How cool was that Dee Gordon homerun tonight.  Lots of raw emotion. I'm still bummed about the whole situation. All my favorite national writers had great pieces on Fernandez today. The guy seemed to be universally loved.

Let's show some cards.

A couple weeks back long time trade partner Burt from Swing and a Pop-up hit me up with a bubble mailer.  Burt and I swap a couple times a year. He always finds something cool for me at his regular card shows. I'm jealous!

 Fair or not Pedro will go down as a pretty big bust for the Pirates. The power is legit, but his knack for striking and defensive limitations cost him.  He is in the American League where he belongs now.
 Does this count as a Griffey card too?  I bet these driver super collectors mad.

I loved Jack Wilson.  Jack was a great defender that probably should have got a little more love for some gold glove awards. The voters had no idea what they were doing at that time.  It usually just went to one of the better offensive shortstops.

Gerrit Cole's health failed him a good bit of this year.  For every one step forward it was two steps back for the young Pirate ace. I suspect a motivated Cole will be in for a big year next year. He is on top of my list to buy in the offseason as his cards are still very affordable. 

The Pirates probably make for one of the more appealing no license teams as their black uniforms are easy to photoshop.  Just wish Panini would be a little more creative with the hats. 

 Hockey is always welcomed in Bob Walk land. It is pretty much a blog only venture for me. It is so fun looking at the older cards. I would be scared to meet Tom Bladon in a dark alley.  These guys were tough as shit.
Hat's off to goaltenders. That is a special kind of crazy job.

Thanks for all the great cards Burt.  Hope you are getting excited for the playoff push with your Red Sox. I'm a big Mookie Betts fan so I hope he does well.

Thanks for reading.