The Legend

The Legend

Monday, September 5, 2016

I was Given a Whole Collection

A couple weeks back I was contacted by Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.  Tim told me that every so often he purges his collections and that former WVU Mountaineer Jarrett Brown was not making the cut.  He was looking for a good home for that collection and I was happy to accept such a generous offer.

This actually worked out quite nice as I already had a decent selection of Brown cards and this helped fill some holes in the collection. What surprised me was how many autos/parallels Tim sent my way. You had quite the Brown collection!

Wow!!!! So many great cards.  I know you didn't want anything in return, but I'm not going to let that crazy nice gesture go away empty handed.  I'll be sure to find you something really nice for one of your active collections.  Thanks again Tim, this really blew me away.

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  1. That Tim is a super nice guy. I like cards and people getting large collections of similar cards dropped on them all at once as an act of generosity. Awesome stuff lads!

    1. It was very cool. Great additions to my WVU collection.

  2. I wonder what a dedicated Bob Walk collection would look like...