The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bulk Buy

I've been relatively quiet on eBay the last 6 weeks or so.  Most of my purchases have been small additions to my WVU collection. The first month or so was by design, but lately I just haven't found much of anything that grabbed my attention.  I'll grab some of the Pirate Bowman cards eventually, but right now prices are a little steep.

My only big purchase happened right before I left for my conference in Rhode Island.  It looks fancy but the price was below $20.

All these patch cards are from 2005 Prime Patches. The first 3 are /99 and are from the number. The next two /51 and are name plate patches.  At the end is the logo patch /38.

Aramis Ramirez is a fun guy to collect because his cards are dirt cheap.  All these patch cards were from one lot and only cost around $16 plus shipping.  While I knew these weren't going to get big money I thought they would go more in the $25-$30 range because of the quality of the patches. It just reaffirmed that Ramirez is one of those that just doesn't sell well.  That is ok with me as this made a nice addition to my collection!

I know I've mentioned it a 1000 times, but his trade is one of the main reasons the Pirates were bad for so long.  By far the worst trade in the teams history.  Makes me half sick thinking about it. Maybe the Cubs can send us Kris Bryant to even things out...?

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  1. If it's any consolation, the Cubs didn't do too well when they traded Josh Donaldson.

  2. I love that Aramis' cards are so cheap, because he was my favorite player from the 2000s Cubs, but he has a legit Hall of Fame case, so it's still kinda weird.

    1. It is so incredibly hard to make the Hall of Fame as a third baseman. The average WAR for third baseman in the Hall is in the low 60's. Aramis is in the low 30's. The Pirates brought him up to early so his first 5 years or so were at league average or below. Obviously the Cubs reaped the benefits of all the prime years.

  3. Those look great! Nice deal to get them as cheap as you did. Also, don't forget Kenny Lofton ;-)