The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, April 25, 2015

JBF # 7 (The War is Over)

I'm officially raising the white flag. I feel like I fought the good fight, but once JBF delivered the Jeff Suppan bat and the crazy stuff I'm about to show I was a goner. I gave a preview the other day which looked like this....

Buckle your seat belts.  Here comes the shot that ended the war.

The rarest and most valuable piece was a 1/1 Jaybarkerfan card. It was even personalized with #WarWithWalk. I shall remember our war fondly as we have a moment of silence for all the postal carriers whose backs did not make it.

A look at all the cards. The white box on the left was full too. You might be thinking that is a lot of commons, but I would say half the cards were inserts, parallels and hits.
 One of the holders was full of Bob Walk cards. I got Walk'd.
Maybe one of the coolest pieces. This is a canceled check signed by Pirate Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner.
 An old Pittsburgh Post Gazette notebook with Maz on the front.
 Some toys and a talking baseball card.
 A pack of Nintendo cards still sealed.
Wes always likes to keep me on my toes with random items. The auto is of Shannon Miller. Above is a commemorative stamp card.
 Some more randomness. My favorite is the toy on the left. It is a design yourself Pirate figure.
 Some unopened football.
 Bottoms up!

Wes hit me again with a game used jersey.  This time it was former Pirate reliever Brian Boehringer. Holy crap!

Some sexy cards.

Then I saw this........

A PSA authenticated Jack Ham auto jersey. I was speechless when this one came out. I try not to be shocked when it comes to the stuff Wes sends, but he always seems to top his previous one. This had some WOW factor.

While that would have been plenty to end our war, Wes sent a ton of cards.  There was probably at least a 1000 cards so I couldn't show everything. What I tried to do is show all the numbered and hit cards. I also put in a some vintage.  Enjoy.

First is WVU

I applaud the effort here as some of these guys are a little more obscure. Guys like Dustin Nippert and Anthony Becht are lesser know WVU guys who had professional careers. 

 Check out this beauty!

 Scott Seabol is a very rare WVU find.

Now for the Penguins.....

Kovalev was one of my favorite during his original stint with the club. 

Next is the Steelers.....

 Prime Signatures is a great set. The cards are absolutely beautiful.
 The throwback on the Antonio Brown card is pretty sweet.

 Vintage Steelers!

 Hines Ward was my favorite Steeler. I actually have a nice collection of items from him that I'll show off one of these days.

Main event time


 Parallel Walks!

A couple of heavy hitters here with the Polanco purple /199 rookie and the Cole Diamond King Press Proof.

 I love this Kiner.
 Cutch and Marte rookies!
 This is really cool and from a brand new set!
 Vintage Buccos with several big names.
 Everyone loves Teke. He makes some of the best cards out there.

 Do you like 1/1's?
 Oliver Perez
 Pirate prospect Taylor Gushue

 Pirates first round pick last year, Cole Tucker

 More printing plate action.

 A wow patch, from a great set!

 Hard to find Lofton cards in the Pirate uniform. Love this!

 Quad featuring former Bucco Kendall.

 Mad Dog!
 People who read my blog know I love Polanco.


Holy crap Wes! You went for the throat. I declare you winner. Let's hope Hazel Green and Morgantown can live in peace. During this time of peace I may hide weapons just in case....but for now congratulations are your dominant performance. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. #rememberthemailmen

    What a haul! Nice job, JBF!

  2. Why??? Did you donate a kidney or something??

    1. Who knows....I guess I won the secret JBF lottery.

  3. Wow, what an incredible collection of . . . well . . . of everything!

    Quick question though: Why does Tom Gorzelanny need the letter B?

  4. This package (well, can we still call this a package ?) has it all, it must have been so much fun to sort ! I even feel bad leaving a very common comment for such an amazing, thoughtful selection (especially the Benchwarmers). Now that the war is over, I suggest we all gather for a picnic and eat potato salad

    1. Potato salad was about the only thing Wes didn't send me.

    2. Actually, back in march...better not eat that if it shows up

  5. Good thing you waved the white flag. You might have had to put an addition on

  6. You were a worthy adversary. Where will warfare lead my troops next?? I hear Atlanta is nice this time of year.

    1. Close proximity would make it interestimg.

    2. The clouds of war are swirling here in Atlanta. The sun is shining down on me, though. Preparations for the war have begun...and yet, I still feel unprepared.

    3. You are going to need a line of credit at your local card show!

  7. WOW! Looks like you robbed your LCS!

    1. I could start a card shop now after trading with Wes.

  8. Wow. That's all I can say...just f'n wow.

  9. A) Wow. Wes is nothing but amazing. In fact, we need a new word cuz nothing in the dictionary really matches his generosity.

    B) "I hear Atlanta is nice this time of year." HAHAHAHA!!!!! Someone is getting buried.

    1. I think you mean, poor Tony's wife!

    2. That is true too. My wife was very confused by the amount of stuff I was receiving especially when I told her it didn't cost anything.

  10. I bow to this blog post. So many awesome cards and goodies. I love the game used jerseys and the Clemete cards.

    Congrats on the haul.

    1. It was a blast to I just need to find some room and create the "Wes Wing" of my house.

  11. Those game used jerseys are awesome! Hope you've got a good place to display them.

    1. I'll find some space for them. Thankfully my wife gives me the hole basement of our house for my collection.

  12. Long list of exclamatory expletives aside, you two are completely nuts and it's been such a blast (...full of envy) to enjoy your public war. Phenomenal stuff, throughout!

    1. I tried, but failed to keep up with him. He is a madman.

  13. What a nice (if there is word for that) war., Love the Jerseys. Hope you do find a way to display them!

    1. I'm making space right now. I have pretty decent dedicated space for jerseys, bats etc. Just need to decide what makes the cut and what gets stored. My have to have a rotation!