The Legend

The Legend

Friday, April 17, 2015

Trade: Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary

I really like trading with Brian from HSCA. You can tell he puts a good bit of thought into his trade packages. He always hooks me up with a wide variety of cards from vintage to modern hits. This latest package is no different.

This is a nice Giles rookie mini auto. Pretty pumped to see this in the mix of cards. As you can see Giles started out with the Indians who had about 1000 good players in the mid 90's. Being lost in the mix he was traded to the Pirates where he would establish himself has a perennial All Star.
 This scratch off was game used!
A rare Phillies Walk card! Don't bother looking it up, I did the leg work for you. No pricing because of scarcity. My guess around $9000.
 Some awesome Topps stickers with all the big names!
I keep hoping that Meek will revitalize his career. A former All Star reliever with the Pirates, but injuries has limited his MLB action.
Mclouth was one of my favorites, but the Pirates sold on him at the perfect time. The trade opened the door for Andrew McCutchen and netted Jeff Locke and Charlie Morton. Great deal for the Bucs.
 Vintage Buccos!
Some high end Buccos. I liked the Tribute WBC set. Never opened any, but love adding the Taillon's and Grilli's.
 Sparkly Clemente!
Nice mix of early 2000's Buccos. I can help but thinking of the sausage race incident when I see Randall Simon.
 Harrison's picture from this years Heritage cracks me up. Looks like an awkward high school photo.
I was a huge fan of Throwback Threads because it was one of the first sets that featured a lot of higher end hits of Buccos like Craig Wilson. Fun set to open.

Thanks for all the great cards Brian. I'm actually sitting on a really cool Twins card that I'm going to send your way very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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