The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Walk and Papoy Collaboration # 2

A while back Kevin and I decided to join forces to bust some cheap wax. This is our second installment in which Kevin decided to bust some 2005 Throwback Threads and 2013 Hometown Heroes. Both are fun sets that have some heavy hitters in them. While we didn't strike gold, we did manage to pull an auto out of Hometown Heroes which broke the odds as it was a retail box.

Before I start showing some of the loot from the boxes, Kevin was his usual awesome self and loaded me up with Pirates. Check these bad boys out!

It is impossible not to love Leaf Signatures. When it comes to nice on card autos, simple is much better.
Hard to find much color in the Topps mini relics so it was nice to get a grey swatch of Tabata.
Tribute is another great autograph set (minus the disaster this year). Lots of space for nice bold autos. Glad to see the former Pirates closer doing well in Atlanta.
 Now this is awesome. Two former Bucco greats pictured with a game used bat piece of Pops.
 59 Pirates always look good because of the color scheme.
Another wow card! Beautiful on card signature out of Archives. Most consider Face the archetype of the modern closer. He doesn't have much in way of certified autos so it always nice to get one in a trade. Face has nice penmanship! Take note Wil Myers.
Purple refractor out of Heritage. Hoping Cutch gets hot on the road trip. Thankfully we've managed to be .500 without him playing much of a part.
 Another wow card! 1939 Play BAll John Rizzo.  Kevin you really outdid yourself with all this great stuff. Considering the age of this card it is in really nice condition.
 SP Signature is another great auto set.

Now to box break items.....
A sampling of Throwback Threads. The Nolan Ryan gets the award for coolest base card. Love the Astros uniform.
 Sampling of the numbered play cards insert.

 Hometown Hero Buccos. I like that the set gave Johnny Ray some love. Nice to see him in a modern set.
 Some more inserts....
 I love the nickname cards.

 This guy is pretty good. I don't have many Trouts in my collection.

That's right Kevin! Hope you are super jealous of my mega hit. USA destroys France in this round!!!!

Kevin decided to throw in two Biebers including a first print. I'm honored.

I hope you recovered from the anguish of not being able to claim the David Murphy auto. Maybe you will have better luck next time.

Also, big thanks for all the extra Pirates you sent my way. That was some crazy nice stuff. I'll be sure to hook you up soon. Now it is my turn to find some boxes!

Thanks for reading!


  1. these international tag teams could be the next big thing. I just need to find a partner / I'm looking at you Buckstore cards

    1. You better get with it on your alliance, peace can last only so long....

  2. Digging that Roy Face card. That's my favorite of the post.

    1. It is a great card. Kevin really hooked me up with that one.

  3. The whole point is getting trade bait, so I included an extra Bieber. Figured you'd have less trouble moving it than the Murphy !

    1. I have a deal in the works right now for all of them. Should be enough to get a 1/1 McCutchen that I've had my eye on.

  4. Yay Hometown Heroes! Definitely a nice continuation of your collaboration.

    1. Our next round should be really fun. Found some good deals on some boxes that should deliver some fun hits.