The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, April 5, 2015

War With JBF #4 of 7 (Antiquities)

My arch nemesis JBF hit me again on Saturday with a vintage themed attack. While it looks one sided in the war right now, Bob Walk the Plank has sent a secret weapon to Alabama to help get things back on track. Let's just say I put the hammer down!

These all came secured in screw down holders.

1959 Gene Baker.
Yes Whammy, Yes Whammy. One of the best old timey names out there. I told JBF that I was going to name my next child Whammy.

No Whammy, No Whammy
Just like Gene Baker, Lee Walls best years came as a Cub. This is a pretty sweet 1957 Topps.

A mainstay in the Pirates rotation. Friend threw at least 200 innings from 1955-65, with a crazy 314 in 1956. I can't believe his arm didn't fall off.
A nice 59 Jim Mcdaniel. He never made it to the big leagues, but it looked like he had a pretty impressive minor league career.
Pendleton only got about 75 at bats as a Pirate but managed to get in the 58 set.
Another Bob Friend! He is still going strong today and is a pretty active signer from what I can see.

Smokey Burgess had a really long career playing about 18 years. He had great stretched with the Phillies, Reds and Pirates and was a 6 time All Star. Another beautiful 59!

Thanks for all the great cards Wes. I think you and Mark Hoyle have really turned my non existent vintage collection into quite a collection. Hope you enjoy my weapon of mass destruction that arrived in Alabama!


  1. I love the Whammy! Whammy is awesome.

  2. It is true that the Great Scott struck and put a hurtin on the jbf momentum. I will be sharing the epic shot across the bow on Tuesday.Just know this-Very thankful and still stunned. Until then just remember, there is still time remaining in this war. #5-6-7 Epic Trilogy

    1. It was a desperation shot that will have no impact on the final result.

  3. Praying for peace... LET THE HOSTILITIES END!