The Legend

The Legend

Friday, March 13, 2015

Trade: Sportscards From the Dollar Store

Swapping with Doug is becoming commonplace with me. I can almost count on him to send me some awesome cards on a monthly basis. Whats makes Doug so unique is that he hits every aspect of my collection. Check out the newest cards.
Any day I can add a new Cobra card to my collection is a good day. This bright gold swatch is from the In the Game set.

As usual Doug threw in a bunch of WVU cards for my collection as well. I've been trying to buy some high end Geno's lately as his prices has bottomed out. Hopefully the edition of Brandon Marshall gives him a true #1 target to throw at. The Charles Sims is also a cool addition as he is set to play a big part in the Bucs offense next year.

Doug also threw me a nice #66 for my collection I'm a huge Mario fan!

Thanks for all the great cards Doug!


  1. Dave Parker Is cooler than the other side of the pillow ;)

    1. I love Parker. Probably have more cards of his than any other guy from the 79 team.

  2. Doug is amazing at hitting all aspects of your PCs. I have to see if I have any Marios to send your way.